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Hot Flashes and Night Sweats: Can HRT Help?

When you’re a young girl, you dread the day you get your very first period. As you get older, you dread the day you have your very last period. As you trade in painful cramps and uncomfortable bloating for frustrating night sweats and hot flashes, you feel there’s no way you could ever find relief. 

Fortunately, you can with hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Menopause is an inevitable phase of every woman’s life, but you don’t have to suffer through it. 

Dr. Laura Bilbruck and her team of professionals at Results Medical Aesthetics & Wellness specialize in treating your worst menopause symptoms with HRT. 

The basics of menopause

Menopause means that you’re at the age when you no longer get your monthly periods. You’ve officially become menopausal if 12 months have passed since your last period. This typically happens anywhere in your 40s-50s, with the average onset occurring at age 51. 

Often menopause is simply a natural biological progression. As you age, your ovaries start making less estrogen and progesterone, which are the hormones that regulate menstruation. However, menopause can also happen as a result of a hysterectomy, chemotherapy or radiation, or a condition called primary ovarian insufficiency in which your ovaries cannot produce normal levels of hormones. 

No matter the cause of your menopause, the key factor is a decrease or absence of hormones. Hormones, like estrogen and progesterone found in your ovaries, are responsible for regulating how you function. As these decrease and disappear, your period stops and you experience other symptoms like vaginal dryness, sleeping problems, and mood changes. Worst of all, you start to develop frustrating symptoms like night sweats and hot flashes. 

How HRT can help you

Because hormone deficiencies are at the heart of your hot flashes and night sweats, the best way to treat them is with hormone replacement therapy. In general, HRT involves you taking a concentrated dose of hormones to replace and rebalance your system. 

After an initial consultation with Dr. Bilbruck, she develops your HRT plan. Dr. Bilbruck recommends bioidentical hormone pellet therapy. This kind of HRT is most effective because we can match the hormones almost exactly to the hormones already in your body. 

The pellets that contain the hormones are inserted into a tiny incision Dr. Bilbruck makes in your hip area. These hormones are immediately absorbed into your system and you start to feel relief within a couple of days. 

The effects of these hormone pellets can last for months. We encourage you to make regular appointments to monitor your symptoms or insert more pellets as needed. 

If you want to thrive during your menopausal years and not simply survive, come see us for the relief you’ve been looking for. Call our office in Tulsa, Oklahoma, or schedule an appointment online to get started today. 

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