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Start Laser Hair Removal Treatment Now and Be Done With Shaving By Summer

Getting rid of hair, especially stubborn and hard-to-reach hair, can be the most frustrating part of your beauty routine. Not to mention the inevitable bumps, burns, and itchiness that follows. Put down your razor, throw away those waxing strips, and try laser hair removal instead. 

Dr. Laura Bilbruck and her team of beauty experts at Results Medical Aesthetics & Wellness specialize in laser hair removal and helping you maintain the soft, hairless skin you’ve always wanted. 

What is laser hair removal?

When you shave, you drag thin blades over your skin and cut hair down to the surface of your skin. Waxing gets a little deeper by removing hair at the root, but the hair eventually grows back. Both of these hair removal methods also put you at risk for reactions like unsightly bumps from razor burn and uncomfortable redness. 

You can avoid those classic flaws of traditional hair removal methods and come to us for laser hair removal for a quick and painless treatment. Laser hair removal uses medical-grade lasers to disrupt your hair growth cycle by quickly heating and destroying your hair follicles. 

There’s low risk of irritation and you can even use a razor to touch up any areas within a couple days of treatment. You’ll likely need about 4-8 treatments to see permanent hair loss. 

Is laser hair removal right for me?

Aside from the reduced risk of irritation, there are many benefits to laser hair removal. Here are just a few:

It can go anywhere

You can get laser hair removal almost anywhere on your body. With a new summer already on its way, versatility is key. Our laser treatment can attack stubborn hair on your face, legs, arms, underarms, bikini zone, back, chest, or stomach. So go ahead and buy that swimsuit you’ve had your eye on since our laser hair removal treatment will make your skin summer-ready in no time. 

It’s precise

Another benefit of laser hair removal is how exact it is. The lasers can target specific areas, even the darkest, thickest hair, while leaving surrounding skin undamaged. 

It’s fast

Laser hair removal can treat many hairs at the same time, which results in you spending less time in the session and more time flaunting your flawless skin. Depending on which area you want treated, your session lasts from a few minutes for small areas like your upper lip to an hour for larger areas like your legs.

It lasts

Permanent hair reduction is not instant with laser hair removal. However, with a few rounds of treatment, you’ll eventually see hair growth stop. We welcome you back if you need a touch-up session, as well. 

Preparing for your treatment

Everyone is different, especially when it comes to skin. We’ll advise you on how specifically to prepare for your session, but here are a few things to keep in mind before your laser hair removal appointment:h

Dr. Bulbrick will also want to know any medical or skin conditions you have before recommending treatment. 

Don’t let another summer come and go without being your most confident. Put your best skin forward and see what laser hair removal can do for you. Call our office in Tulsa, Oklahoma, or schedule an appointment online today.

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