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What to Expect During Laser Hair Removal

You’ve probably read about laser hair removal online or been told by your best friend how great it is. Even with all the hype, abandoning your tried and true hair removal methods for something that sounds like it comes straight out of a science fiction movie can be daunting. 

We know you have lots of questions about laser hair removal, and we’re here to answer them all. 

At Results Medical Aesthetics & Wellness, Dr. Laura Bilbruck and her experienced staff know that the first step to achieving your cosmetic goals is being fully informed. Here’s everything you need to know about laser hair removal. 

Laser hair removal technology

Instead of temporarily ripping hair from its roots with hot wax or merely cutting the visible hair shaft with a razor, laser hair removal penetrates deep within the hair follicle itself to destroy hair and prevent further growth. 

The pigment, or melanin, in your hair absorbs the light from the lasers. That light energy is then converted into heat, which damages the follicles where your hair grows. The damage is aggressive enough to disrupt the follicle while leaving your surrounding skin unharmed. 

What’s best about laser hair removal is that it can address virtually any hair anywhere on your body. From your chin and chest all the way down to your toes and tummy, no spot is too small, too large, or too sensitive for laser hair removal. 

Laser hair removal process

When you arrive for your appointment, we’ll have you sit or recline comfortably to find the best positioning depending on the area you’d like treated. We recommend you wear loose-fitting clothing to keep you at ease during treatment and comfortable afterward.

With the handheld laser hair removal device, we direct the lasers exactly toward your unwanted hair. Smaller areas like your upper lip should only take a few minutes to zap the hair away, while larger areas like your legs and back might take closer to an hour. 

Most of our patients turn to laser hair removal for more than just guaranteed, lasting results, but for freedom from waxing pain and razor burn irritation. 

Does laser hair removal hurt?

While laser hair removal isn’t 100% painless, it’s far more comfortable than traditional methods

You’ll likely feel a mild discomfort like a warm pinprick or snapping sensation. We can apply a cooling or numbing gel to your skin before your treatment begins. 

After you’ve blasted away your unwanted hair, you’ll notice a bit of redness and swelling for the first few hours. These side effects are mild at worst and will subside after a bit of rest. Applying an ice pack can alleviate these side effects even faster. 

Avoid direct sunlight and tanning beds for a few weeks following treatment to maximize your results and protect your skin. 

Laser hair removal results

The results from laser hair removal aren’t immediate, but they sure beat the semi-daily shaving sessions and monthly waxing appointments. 

You’ll probably need around 4-8 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart. These repeated treatments ensure that the follicle is completely destroyed, making it impossible for new hair to grow or at least damaged enough that hair grows back slower and thinner. 

After that, you’ll likely only need a few touch-up treatments to maintain your soft, smooth skin. 

If you’re sick of riding the conventional hair removal carousel, get off the ride and step into our office. Our dedicated team of experts is waiting to show you what a hair-free life can feel like. Contact our office in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to schedule an appointment today.

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