Laser Treatment for Acne


Laser Treatment for Acne

Acne Scarring

As if having acne wasn’t bad enough, it can leave you with permanent scarring that can cause skin redness. There is no reason to live with these scars. Laser treatment for acne scarring is proven to be effective.

Acne laser treatments are beneficial for inflamed acne lesions and reducing the red or brown post-hyperpigmentation marks that can sometimes be left after the blemishes have disappeared. It does not work as well for blackheads, darker Fitzpatrick skin types, or acne pitting.

Treatments for Pitting Scars

For pitting scars, we provide other treatments that have proven to be more beneficial. Treatment for pitting includes chemical peels, Microneedling, and Bellafill acne scar injections. It is mandatory to do a skin consultation with one of our skin care consultants in order to best determine your treatment plan. Our clients who have active acne are required to get on a corrective home care product regimen that will clear their acne and maintain a blemish-free skin before proceeding to scar treatment.

Treating Active Acne

Laser treatments can also be used to treat active acne flare-ups. The acne laser treatments provide the best results when performed twice a week for a total of four weeks, although they can also be done once a week for eight weeks. In case of resistant acne, a patient may require maintenance treatments at 3-6 month intervals to keep acne under control. There may be an initial flare-up of acne, similar to the kind seen after a peel procedure or the beginning of a new topical medication. The acne blemishes should start to fade after about 2-3 weeks.

Please contact our clinic in order to set up a consultation if you would like to learn how to achieve clear, beautiful skin.

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