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Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is highly beneficial for treating sexual dysfunction, sleep problems, weight fluctuations, and more. As an expert internist, Laura Bilbruck, MD, from Results Medical Aesthetics & Wellness can personalize your hormone replacement therapy plan and help restore your health. Learn all about the benefits of HRT by booking an evaluation at the Tulsa, Oklahoma, practice today. You can schedule your appointment either online or over the phone.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Q & A

What are the benefits of hormone replacement therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a customized treatment for both men and women. In men, hormone replacement therapy is designed to stabilize low testosterone levels, while in women, it can improve estrogen and progesterone levels.

Balancing out your hormones is beneficial for a variety of reasons. Getting started on hormone replacement therapy can:

  • Boost your libido
  • Stop night sweats
  • Improve your sleep quality
  • Decrease issues with hot flashes
  • Help you lose or stabilize your weight
  • Improve your moods and decrease anxiety
  • Resolve menopause symptoms, including vaginal dryness

Hormone replacement therapy can even delay the progression of bone loss and decrease your risk of osteoporosis. 

How does hormone replacement therapy work?

When you come to Results Medical Aesthetics & Wellness for your hormone replacement therapy evaluation, Dr. Bilbruck has a discussion with you about your symptoms. She may draw some blood to run your labs to evaluate your hormone levels.

Once Dr. Bilbruck gathers all of your information, she designs your hormone replacement therapy plan. Oftentimes, Dr. Bilbruck finds that bioidentical hormone pellet therapy — tailored to you — is most beneficial.

These hormone pellets are made from natural ingredients that mimic your body’s own hormones and are compounded in a specialized FDA-registered pharmacy. When your customized HRT pellets are ready — it may take a few days — Dr. Bilbruck has you visit the office to implant your pellets.

She simply makes a very small incision in your hip area, places your pellets underneath your skin, and closes up the incision. Your body gradually absorbs the hormones as needed, which keeps your hormone levels consistent throughout the day. No unusual rollercoaster-like effects to worry about. 

When can I expect results with hormone replacement therapy?

Once Dr. Bilbruck implants your pellets, your hormones immediately begin to balance out. While it may take a few days for you to notice an improvement in your symptoms, with each passing week, you should notice the ongoing benefits of HRT.

Your bioidentical hormone pellets should last about four to six months, although your plan may be different. Dr. Bilbruck has you come into Results Medical Aesthetics & Wellness regularly for a blood draw to check your hormone levels. She can implant more pellets when needed.

Find out how hormone replacement therapy can help you by booking an exam at Results Medical Aesthetics & Wellness today. You can schedule either online or over the phone.


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